Jennifer Waldsmith

You have enough hurdles to climb. Don’t let the design of your website be another one. You bring the vision, I’ll execute the design. 


It's so good to meet you.

A powerful website unlocks the full potential of your business. Bring brand, thought leadership, and digital marketing strategy together to create an online presence that increases your ROI, builds credibility, and creates opportunity. 

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

a little about me.

Jennifer has 15 years experience in communications, marketing, and web design. She has created beautiful websites for Fortune 500 executives to mid-level businesses. 

She started and grew her first digital marketing agency, TME Marketing, in 2015  as a way to grow some-based brands through marketing strategies unique to women and mothers. 

Her goal is to help your brand reach your target audience and achieve your marketing and sales objectives through the use of high-performing digital channels. 

Jennifer develops modern websites to help brands WIN online. A website is crucial to showcase your purpose, values, services, and content. You need an unmistakable online presence to create credibility and connection with your audience.

Beautifully crafted websites that serve your business.